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For many employer’s worker’s compensation insurance costs are among the largest dollar item impacting their financial statements. We understand this so we work with our clients to help them control their claim costs and negotiate with insurance companies for optimal pricing.

The two principal factors driving worker’s compensation costs are the employer’s actions to prevent injuries from happening and, once they do happen what is being done to control the costs of the claim. Our process provides our clients with the tools they need to develop and maintain sound safety and loss control practices. These include thorough background checks for new employee hires, safety training and checklists, regulatory and compliance practices and incentive programs all designed to minimize the risk of injury to an employee.

No matter how much loss prevention is done accidents and related injuries do occur. Rogers and Rogers provide support to our clients for these times by providing in house claim management staff to advocate on their behalf. This includes conducting regular claim status reviews and claim follow-up with the claim adjusters, unit statistical filing claim status meetings with insurance claim departments in anticipation of the clients next experience modification development.

Ongoing claim advocacy on our clients behalf assure they receive the best possible outcome of their workers compensation insurance program costs.